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Sweeps 1-06

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Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Eugene G. Hinson, III.

It was a great honor to be asked to judge the North Central Illinois Pekingese Club’s sweepstakes.  I had a wonderful time in and out of the ring. Thanks to all exhibitors for your good sportsmanship. It was a pleasure to see so many quality puppies in the ring.  Randy and I appreciate your hospitality.  We will remember our experience in Joliet with great fondness for many years to come.  Our sincere appreciation to Christine Hann and Barbara Streemke for assuring that our stay was a pleasant one. Thanks, Chris, for your able guidance as a steward, and Barb, the dinner was delicious! Our best wishes to all of you in the ring and whelping box in 2006. Thank you again for allowing me to have the pleasure of judging your beautiful puppies.

Best in Sweeps:  Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville

Best of Opposite in Sweeps: Lon-Du Double Dream Delight

Six to Nine Month Puppy Dogs:

1st  Careken’s Double My Pleasure   Alone in his class, this sound, red dog of medium size showed with confidence.  Well trained and nicely presented by his breeder.

Nine to Twelve Month Puppy Dogs:

1st  Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville  Alone in his class, this outstanding exhibit had my attention from the moment he entered the ring.  Teeming with breed type, there was so much to like about this bold, beautiful boy!  He made a stunning picture as he moved around the ring with confidence and style.  His headpiece was large and very masculine with a wonderful width of muzzle, intense black pigment, mesmerizing, widely spaced dark, dark eyes, and was perfectly framed by a lovely forward ear placement. He was well balanced and solidly constructed.  He should only get better with maturity.  A credit to his illustrious ancestry and one a breeder can be very proud to have produced!

Twelve to Eighteen Month Junior Dogs:

1st Dreamville Fast Forward   This small, typey boy was a standout in his class of three exhibits. He was very low on leg with a true pear shaped body. He had a beautiful shallow head, open facial features, and lovely dark eyes.  I was impressed by his front. He has wonderful, tight shoulders and a dead-level top-line. It was a difficult decision between this exhibit and my Best in Sweepstakes winner.  On another day, they might easily be reversed.

Six to Nine Month Puppy Bitches:

1st Desert Jade Fantasy for Lon-Du  This glamorous little  black and white girl performed well for what I would learn later was her first time away from home. She was happy with walking on the lead until she figured out that she really was walking on a lead. She is feminine, low to the ground and very amusing in her true Pekingese stubbornness. She finished right ahead of her more evenly marked sister in this nice class of three puppy bitches.

Nine to Twelve Month Puppy Bitches:

1st Royal’s Shimmering Stardust  Alone in her class, this typey, balanced little girl had many good qualities. She was very similar in type to the other exhibits presented by her co-owner. 

Twelve to Eighteen Month Junior Bitches:

1st Lon-Du Double Dream Delight   This doggy girl was the kind of bitch that makes a kennel strong.  She represents what I believe our breed needs in matrons to ensure a promising future.  She had a large pleasing headpiece and nice solid body.  She showed with confidence.  She should do well, especially in the whelping box.  I learned later that she was from a free-whelped litter of five puppies.