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6-04 Specialty

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Summer Specialty 6/12/04

NCIPC's 63rd Pekingese Specialty Show

Judges: Betty Tilley/Regular Classes    Hiram Stewart/Sweepstakes

Win Photos courtesy of Dan Fischer

BOB: Qazara Prurience - Diane Burvee BOW/WB: Qazara Erotica - Ray Boshears/Don Palmerino
BOS: Dreamville Queen of Soul - Dr. Ray Lo/Patty Metzger WD: Lon-Du Striding Forward - Patty Metzger
RWD: Lon-Du Charging Forward - Arlon Duit BISweeps: Lon-Du Striding Forward - Patty Metzger
BOSweeps: Fourwinds Promises - Mary Ann Jackson RWB: Chinabear Color Me Beautiful - Carmen Blankenship (no pic)

Link to miscellaneous pics courtesy Frank Motto, Dan Fischer, and Barbara Streemke: