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6-03 Specialty

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Summer Specialty 6/14/03

Judges: Carol Kniebusch Noe/Regular Classes    Christine Hann/Sweepstakes

Fotos by Frank    


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Best of Breed: Ch. Tradewinds Solid Gold - Bert Custodio   WD/BOW: Chu Lai Santana of Sanrae - Judy and Roger Sankey and Pat Farley
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WB/BOS: Dreamville Queen of Soul - Raymundo Lo and Patty Metzger Best in Sweepstakes: Muhlin Bijou - Patty Metzger


Typical scenes from the evening before the specialty:

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        Next day...start grooming!                        And grooming....                            And then relax a little.

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 Alright, time to show.

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