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6-02 Specialty

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June 15, 2002        

Judges:  Gareth Morgan-Jones/ Regular Classes      Richard Albee/Sweepstakes 

Best in Specialty and Sweepstakes: Yakee Yearn For Me - Patricia Metzger and Dr. Raymundo Lo

Best Opposite: Chu Lai Roverette

Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps:  Careken's Prestigious Design - Ken Springer


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WD/BOW/Best Pekingese: Yakee Yearn For Me - Patricia Metzger and Dr. Raymundo Lo WB/BOS: Chu Lai Roverette - Judy and Roger Sankey and Patricia Farley

These scenes from the show are brought to you by Frank Motto and Pam Guevara. 

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I'm just happy to be here grooming my dog. Get that thing away!

Please look at my dog.

Be still now.

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Whadayamean, put down the brush? Here...taste this. How long is she going to keep me on the table? I have the cutest dog here and I know it.
kk.JPG (24204 bytes)  
Don't move. Good boy, just like we practiced. What's in this stuff?